Kitesurfing lessons and prices

Kitesurfing is our passion! We kite, we love it, we teach it

The conditions for learning kitesurfing around Kaliantan are close to perfect – flat water, constant wind, absence of traffic and just huge space for training! We have been teaching kitesurfing for over 7 years around the world and have been teaching in Lombok for 4 years, hundreds of happy students became independent kiters with us.

Our goal is to help you become an independent and confident kiteboarder, ride safely with pleasure in any conditions and kite spots.

We teach fast, safe, fun and easy way!

The complete course of kitesurfing is usually divided into 3 stages/levels.

    Level 1. Discovery Program (2 hours/day*)

    • Basic theory
    • Carry and set up the lines and kite
    • Safety system explanation and simulation
    • Kite flying exercises.
    • Walking with the kite on the beach
    • Landing and launching

    Level 2. Body Drag and Water Start Program (2 hours/day*)

    • Power body dragging
    • Upwind body dragging with one hand
    • Upwind body dragging with board
    • Recover board in deep water
    • Water start and short rides in both directions
    • Self-rescue in the water

    Level 3. Independent Rider Program (2 hours/day*)

    • Controlling the speed by edgingStop by edging
    • Constantly riding upwind
    • Switch the direction
    • Right of way rules


    • Private lesson, 2 hours, - 110 USD
    • Private beginner package, 6 hours, - 300 USD.
    • Private beginner package, 9 hours, - 420 USD.
    • From Zero to Hero, 12 hours, - 530 USD.
      This is the most recommended package for learning to kitesurf from scratch.
    • Refresher/Advanced lesson, 1 hour - 35 USD with your own gear/55 USD with school gear.
      Take your kitesurfing to the next level! Learn freestyle moves, old school jumps, strapless riding or simply just improve or refresh your skills.

    * Price includes all the kitesurf equipment.

    * All tuitions are held in the format of 1 student : 1 instructor.

    * Any package can be extended to the next one. You pay only the difference.

    * The time given in brackets for each level is approximate and based on our large teaching experience. Naturally, we all learn at different speed - some students may need a little more time, others - a little faster. Whether, 8 or 14 hours, in the end, it will no longer matter when you start independently and freely glide on the surface of the ocean, steering a kite! And we make sure you will !

    Equipment hire is also available

    Kite - Board - Harness
    Prix IDR 600,000 for 2 hr.

    Kite only
    Prix IDR 400,000 for 2 hr.

    Board only
    Prix IDR 300,000 for 2 hr.

    Harness only
    Prix IDR 100,000 for 2 hr. Kit